About Akkurat svenska

Akkurat opened in the fall of 1995.
Since then we have been the leading beer themed restaurant in Sweden.
We are also regarded as one of the best places in the world

Our goal is and always has been to support the small craft breweries and work for a better beer culture. We now stock 28 different beers on tap. That is not in any way the largest number of taps in Sweden, but we think it is more than enough. Beer has to be turned over to maintain its quality. However, we do have around 600 beers in the vintage menu, beers that are meant to be aged and also improve if they are laid down for a number of years.
Our restaurant serves high quality and in house cooked food.
Some of our dishes have turned in to real classics and we go through roughly 20 tons of fresh mussels annually.

Despite the fact that most people know what they come here for, we try to change parts of the menu from time to time, both because it keeps us alert, stay creative and to be able to serve what the season offers

You are always welcome to drop in, find a space in the bar or the bar area and grab something to eat. However if you want to be guaranteed a table you are better off booking in advance.
We are open 7 days a week and we serve a great Friday lunch.
Then you can try anything from our regular menu, as well as the lunch -and vegetarian special. We also have an extensive collection of whiskies of predominantly Single Malts, but also bourbons, ryes and good quality blends.
Our own Micke Nilsson takes care of that as well as the different tastings we arrange.
Sunday night is live music night.

There is never a cover charge and you are free to just pop in for a beer and some great music. You can catch anything from local bands, professionals-having-fun-bands, old legends and some up-and-coming stars

In short;
We love what we do and we do it with a lot of passion.
We really like to see you here to be a part of it.
Just be prepared; you might need to visit us a few times before you can fully grasp what we are about.